PA Sound System | How to simple explanation

PA Sound System: How To Setup and Use A Simple System

Arguably, if you are a musician, singer, speaker, etc., the PA Sound System is the most important aspect of any performance.  Here is a great, though simplified, explanation of what a PA/Sound system is. And, basically how to use it.  Learn where to plug your microphone and what the little dials on your channel mean.

If you are new to singing/performing, then you have probably never learned to use a PA (public address) or sound system.  As a singer, you will ultimately need to know, at least, a little about how to set up or use a simple sound system.  Where do you plug in the mic?  How do you make it sound good?  What is reverb?  Where do you put the speaker wires?

PA Sound System - Learn about effects like delay, reverb, flange and more in our how to work PA system lessons.
Beginners need to know how to set up and run the PA, too! Learn about sound systems now!

Howard Mock, Owner of Rhapsody Music in Mankato, MN, Walks you through setup and proper usage of a simple PA sound system.

Rhapsody Music
326 Madison Avenue
Mankato, Minnesota
(507) 387-2562

Using a PA Sound System

You don’t need to have a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music to make your band sound good.  Sometimes just using a simple little cost effective PA sound system can make your:

  • band
  • duo
  • trio
  • speaking engagement
  • whatever

sound great!  After you have played around with the system for a while, you will know exactly how to set all the knobs for the best sound for any situation.  Whether you are using self-powered (active) speakers or a powered mixer/head, you will get comfortable after a little messing around.

Next, to go along with the nice little PA sound system, you need to grab a few lights to create a nice atmosphere around you on the stage/performance area.

Learn to play guitar – Beginners

Play Guitar for beginners – Learn to play the guitar in a few hours

Play guitar - free online video lessons.
Nick Minnion (a.k.a. the Secret Guitar Teacher) has been teaching guitar for over 35 years. Here he gives a demonstration of how beginners to guitar can impress their friends in just a few hours with his superb easy to learn fast track beginners guitar course for complete beginners.

Playing guitar is not hard.  In fact, if you put in just a few minutes per day, you can get pretty good and quickly.  At first, you will only be able to play a couple of minutes because your will find your fingers hurting pretty badly.  Push through and it comes pretty fast.  It is like anything else.  No pain, no gain!  🙂

This free online guitar course takes you right from the absolute guitar beginner stage and doesn’t require you to have any knowledge of music whatsoever. All you will need is a guitar in your hands and then we’re ready to begin.

The course covers the following topics:

1. Name the parts of the guitar
2. Understand the names and numbers of the strings and frets
3. Understand fingering rules and conventions for each hand
4. Make nice clean sounding notes and chords
5. Tune the guitar by ear as well as by tuning machine
6. Read guitar tab that will allow you access to the millions of songs available on internet guitar tab sites.
7. Link notes together in musical phrases, riffs and licks
8. Lay the foundations of good lead guitar technique and proper coordination between right and left hands
9. Develop speed without sacrificing quality
10. Play the ‘Beginners Boogie’ a fun tune that’s nice and easy to play
11. Play chords and how to read different types of chord diagram
12. Change quickly from one chord to another
13. Use the metronome to develop good time-keeping from the outset.

Professional Vocal Warm Up – “Open Up Your Voice”

Warm up your voice like the pros! Online singing lessons.

Warming up is always important when you are planning on singing for any extended period of time.
A complete vocal warm up can mean the difference between singing well and often, and… not.

“Opening Up Your Voice”

Welcome – 00:00

Learn how to get the most of this vocal warm up video by watching the “Welcome” section.

Introduction – 2:46 “Body Warmup”

By learning to wake up the proper torso muscles, neck/throat tension can be greatly reduced. Learn more about the benefits in this section.

Coordination & Conditioning – 4:13 “Releasing/Awakening The Power Muscles”

Coordination and Conditioning are one and the same for this lesson. Simply follow along with me, performing each action as I explain it.

O! Chips – Weesay, Liberia

Here is Weesay, the Bob Marley of Liberia!  He is a blind man who lives in the capital city of Monrovia. Weesay enjoys singing reggae with an instrument that he created using a stick of wood stuck to an oil can.  Here is his song, O! Chips.  It sounds like there are a couple of strings there, too.  We can’t make them out, though.  He is definitely great.  Let’s make him famous!  Share this video!

Weesay | The free spirited Liberian – O! Chips

Weesay - O! Chips
Weesay the free spirited Liberian sings O! Chips in Monrovia. Listen on youtube.

His name is Wesseh Freeman, he’s a self-taught singer and composer from Monrovia (Liberia). Wesseh is blind and plays music in the streets to make a living.

Check out Weesay on Facebook.

Weesay - The Bob Marley of Liberia.
Weesay or ‘Weeseh’ is blind and from Liberia. He built his own guitar from a stick and an oil can.

Some guy named Nicky’s family owns a chip company and asked this guy to do their jingle.  Here is what he says on youtube:  “My brother got a street musician named weesay the free spirited Liberian in monrovia, Liberia to do a jingle for our brand of potato chips. The brand is O! Chips.

Sach Ramchandani made a video of someone (possibly him) giving Weesay a guitar. Watch this video…

Weeseh gets a guitar.
Weeseh in Liberia – The Liberian Bob Marley. Watch him get a guitar!

Singing Lessons for Beginners | How to Sing

How to Sing: Singing Lessons for Beginners

Do you have the natural ability to open your mouth and sing and sound good? Or, maybe you sing along with the radio and your friends are amazed by how nice it is to hear you singing?  Maybe you are thinking of taking to the next level and audition for a band or, perhaps a part in a local theater production?

That’s great!  Maybe these free singing lessons videos are for you!  They take a straight forward approach to teaching the proper techniques for breathing, warming up, opening up the mouth and throat when singing and so much more.

Free singing lessons online. Beginners vocal lessons. Learn how to sing.
Cari Cole is a world renowned vocal coach who works with top names in entertainment. Take free singing lessons from her now! photo: Randi S Photography

Even beginners can learn how to sing with these video lessons featuring Cari Cole. She has worked with Grammy winners, American Idol finalists, and rock star legends.

Learn to sing like a professional from the founder of Cari Cole Voice & Music Co in New York City on 34th St.

She has a boutique Pro-Tools production studio where she works with aspiring, emerging and famous singers and bands, helping them find their voice, craft their music and create successful careers.

Background/ training/ education / singing lessons

Voice, Songwriting & Composition, Guitar, Piano and Flute. Studied classical guitar and flute from the age of 6. Studied voice in an apprenticeship with a renowned vocal coach from 19 yrs to 27. Studied voice, songwriting, composition and jazz guitar at the New York School for Commercial Music under Stan Persky, Director of Music at New York’s City College. Was a principal Vocal coach at the Katherine Agresta Vocal Studios for several years in the late 80’s and founded her own vocal studio in 1987.

Senator Whoever – Eric Schwartz | video

Here is a new video from our good buddy, Eric Schwartz, called “Senator Whoever”!  It is a topical commentary on our current political system here in the good old US of A.  Way to go, Eric!  Keep up the good work! Written and performed by Eric Schwartz

Check out his youtube playlist:  Political

We knew Eric when he played around the Village in New York City in the late 90’s and had a blast every time we hung out.  We played a few times opposite each other at The Back Fence, which has long since gone. 🙁  We always appreciated his songwriting and nice, easy stage presence that was more instinct than learned.  We sort of lost touch when he hit the road doing the coffee house circuit but I have kept up through facebook, email, youtube, etc.

It is always with bated breath that we wait for a new release from him.  He does not disappoint with “Senator Whoever”.  The video production quality is amazing and the music production is superb.  And, of course, can’t say enough good about the song.  Such good and timely content and context!  We are always looking forward to the next great release from Eric.  Thanks, Mr Schwartz, for the years of laughs and entertainment!

Eric Schwartz - Senator Whoever
Senator Whoever from Eric Schwartz – comedian, singer, songwriter. Check out his website,

A few quotes about Eric:

“His humor and talent ring loud and clear.”
  – Dr. Demento

“The Most gifted, irreverent, musically brilliant, beloved, warm presence here at Kerrville and everywhere else.”  
- Peter Yarrow

“Blending politically savvy comedy with music has always been a slippery slope. Eric Schwartz knows just how to meld funny and funky.”  
- Hustler Magazine, March, 2008

“‘Hattie and Mattie’ [as recorded by Holly Near] makes you want to tap dance and fall in love.”
 – Gloria Steinem

Senator Whoever by Eric Schwartz