The Schwanee Session - Ray Pasnen and Jack Swanson. Original acoustic music from Maine.

The Schwanee Session – Ray Pasnen & Jack Swanson

Here is a set of new songs from one of our artists, Ray Pasnen. These songs were written by Jack Swanson and they were recorded by Nat Ives in Portland, Maine. Here is one of them, “Change Your Mind.” If you like it, click through to Ray’s site and hear the others!

Some time back in the early 2000s Jack Swanson and I rode to Portland to record 7 of his songs with Nat Ives in Portland, Maine. Jack played, Nat recorded and I sang. It was a great afternoon/evening and we got a lot accomplished.

I had heard the songs for about a week while riding around in Maine (I was alone there at the time) and felt pretty comfortable with them so we didn’t do a whole bunch of takes. Jack just wanted some demos for his songs. So we did it.

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