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PA Sound System | How to simple explanation

PA Sound System: How To Setup and Use A Simple System

Arguably, if you are a musician, singer, speaker, etc., the PA Sound System is the most important aspect of any performance.  Here is a great, though simplified, explanation of what a PA/Sound system is. And, basically how to use it.  Learn where to plug your microphone and what the little dials on your channel mean.

If you are new to singing/performing, then you have probably never learned to use a PA (public address) or sound system.  As a singer, you will ultimately need to know, at least, a little about how to set up or use a simple sound system.  Where do you plug in the mic?  How do you make it sound good?  What is reverb?  Where do you put the speaker wires?

PA Sound System - Learn about effects like delay, reverb, flange and more in our how to work PA system lessons.
Beginners need to know how to set up and run the PA, too! Learn about sound systems now!

Howard Mock, Owner of Rhapsody Music in Mankato, MN, Walks you through setup and proper usage of a simple PA sound system.

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Using a PA Sound System

You don’t need to have a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music to make your band sound good.  Sometimes just using a simple little cost effective PA sound system can make your:

  • band
  • duo
  • trio
  • speaking engagement
  • whatever

sound great!  After you have played around with the system for a while, you will know exactly how to set all the knobs for the best sound for any situation.  Whether you are using self-powered (active) speakers or a powered mixer/head, you will get comfortable after a little messing around.

Next, to go along with the nice little PA sound system, you need to grab a few lights to create a nice atmosphere around you on the stage/performance area.