Everett Dumas - Red Raindrops

Everett Dumas launches ‘Red Raindrops’ album

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Everett Dumas is proudly featured on Click, Hear radio.


Everett Dumas - Red Raindrops
Everett Dumas – Red Raindrops

Hampden, Maine musician Everett Dumas has launched a new album – “Red Raindrops,” which was recorded and produced independently. “Red Raindrops” includes ten original songs by Everett. TEN emotional, heartfelt tunes about family, life, love and small town realities of life in a Maine town!


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A singer-songwriter in the Rock, Americana, Singer/Songwriter genre, Everett has been entertaining Bangor area audiences for 10+ years at many local establishments, including Sea Dog Brewing Co., Seasons Restaurant and Sports Bar, High Tide, The Charles Inn, Nocturnem Draft Haus, 4 Points BBQ , The Bacon Tree and more.

Red Raindrops - Everett Dumas
Red Raindrops – Everett Dumas

Raised in a musical family, Everett was always surrounded by singing and playing. His mother is a skilled pianist, and still plays at age 83! His father, Everett Sr., was also a musician and yodeler, and enjoyed playing country western music. Everett was always “moved“ by music, he felt what the songwriter was saying. Everett knew that he had to express himself in this musical way… it was “in” him! Music in the home is so important to Everett now, there is always a guitar nearby to capture the musical ideas. “Song ideas flood my mind constantly”, Everett says, one idea or word or phrase triggering a songwriting session.

“Music was always a hobby, a pastime activity, secondary to work and family”,  Dumas said.

Insert from Red Raindrops album from Everett Dumas.
Insert from Red Raindrops album from Everett Dumas.

Everett coached his sons in several sports, mainly hockey, for many years. Being a good father to his 2 sons Mitchell and Nathan will always be his proudest accomplishment! When they moved on from sports, Everett’s passion for guitar and singing started growing.

Everett learned and practiced many songs and felt compelled to share his passion for music with others. Excruciating stage fright led to some less than stellar moments for Everett, “I could hear my knees knocking and I forgot ALL the words” Everett says laughing!

Everett continued to persevere and discovered “open mics” where you can learn on the fly and develop the confidence to perform with support from other learning musicians!

Back Cover of Red Raindrops from Everett Dumas
Back Cover of Red Raindrops from Everett Dumas

At The Brick Church open mic, in Bangor, Everett honed his skills and his confidence grew, his first paying gig was at The Seadog Brewing Co. in Bangor and was a huge success! After several years of gigging, Everett started to develop his songwriting skills.

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Crumpling many a cliche’d original song draft, Everett couldn’t get past the first verse, chorus dilemma! Hungry to write meaningful songs, Everett “holed up” and devoured all the information he could find on the craft of songwriting.

His new album “Red Raindrops” is the fruit of this intense labor to learn and develop a meaningful song!

Everett was born and raised in Millinocket , Maine.  Everett’s Father, “Duke,” was a milkman for Pleasant Hill Dairy. Everett’s Mom worked for Great Northern Paper Co. in the salary and benefits office. Everett worked summers in The Mill between his years at Eastern Maine Voc. Tech. Institute. At E.M.V.T.I. he studied Machine Tool Technology and upon graduation went right to work as a machinist, which has been Everett’s 35 year career.

“Train”, Everett’s first song on The “Red Raindrops” cd ,is a powerful rock song about the Papermill’s closing and the effects on his small town and family.

”Red Raindrops”, the cd’s title track, is a well crafted song of heartbreak, realization and the relief of knowing the truth.

“Hug Me” is a totally fun, upbeat song about the therapeutic effects of a hug!

“You Love So Much” is a love song dedicated to Everett’s beautiful Lady Maggie, who has cared for hundreds of foster children through her life!

“He Let The Fire Go Out” is a tribute to Everett’s Dad.

“Last Day” is a thought provoking tribute to Everett’s StepDad.

ALL TEN songs on this cd have special meaning to Everett and will connect with so many people at so many levels!!

Currently, Everett’s original songs can be heard on local radio stations in Maine, WKIT and WERU.

Everett’s cd “Red Raindrops” is ON SALE NOW at Bull Moose Music, www.bullmoose.com,

www.cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon and local outlets too, such as, Maine Jewelry & Art in Bangor and The Bacon Tree restaurant in Winterport.