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We use PayPal to receive your payment.  Click the PayPal button next to the album you wish to buy.  They require a log in but they are totally free.  If you have a credit card, you can use it to send money to anyone with an email address.  Just fill in the information and we'll ship your CD the next day.  It's FAST and it's Free Shipping.  Thanks!  Ohh...  and, We won't authorize the charge to your card until you receive the CD and are Happy with your purchase.

Click to Enlarge.Click to Enlarge.Ray's album, "Live in It includes 30 tracks of your favorite "good-time" party Click to Enlarge.tunes. 

Click this PayPal* link to buy

"Live in Bermuda" for only $20.  

Click, hear!              [Ray's site]

Click to Enlarge.Ray's album, "Human Race," was recorded in NYC and Boston.  It's a studio album with all original songs.  You may have heard some of them on Click to Enlarge. the radio in the New England area.


Click this PayPal* link to buy

"Human Race" for only $12.

Click, hear!                 [Ray's site]

Blessed Be - Chucka Riddim.  Click to enlarge.Chucka's album, "Blessed Be," is a great tribute to reggae music.  Wonderfully authentic "jammin', mon!" songs and performances by Click to Enlarge. some fantastic musicians.


Click the PayPal* link to buy 

"Blessed Be" for only $12.

Click, hear!                       [Chucka's site]

Click to Enlarge.Peter's album, "One," was recorded over the span of several years.  It shows off his versatile growth as a singer/guitarist and songwriter.  Click to Enlarge.Some great "good time" Rock & Roll.

Click the PayPal* link to buy

"One" for only $12.

Click, hear!                 [Peter's site]

Neilscottneverknewcover.jpg (45978 bytes)neilscott5song.gif (52709 bytes)We're presently sold out of Neil's first album but we have his new, "Hot Off The Presses," release.  All new songs and a fresh sound on some great country music.

Click the PayPal* link to buy

"5 Songs" for only $8.

Click, hear!                                [Neil's Site]

Mikeunheardofhitscover.gif (90993 bytes)Mike's Album, "unheard of hits," has performances of some great original songs unheardofhitscd.gif (36804 bytes)ranging from down to earth folk to up-beat R&B numbers. 


        Click the PayPal* link to buy

                    "unheard of hits" for only $12.

Click, hear!                     [Mike's Site]

Click to Enlarge.Duane's album, "in Bermuda and other Bermudaful memories," has a great island feel with steel drums Click to Enlarge. and lots of 


Click this PayPal* link to buy

"in Bermuda" for only $20.

Click, hear!                  [Duane's site]

Click to Enlarge.Robert Symons is one of the world's premier steel pan players.  He does shows around the world and you may have seen him on one of your Click to Enlarge. favorite  cruise ships.


Click the PayPal* link to buy

"Tropicana Steel Pan" for only $20.

Click, hear!                     [Robert's site]

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