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||| M.A.D- Online Version 2.0 |||...
10 pages found, 7 links found, 536 score http://www.mad-tourbooking.de
ArteFacts is a leading Belgian agency ...
representing artists in the field of folk, roots and world music. In Belgium (and The Netherlands in most cases) ArteFacts works for artists like Abdelli, Bratsch, Huun-Huur-Tu, Mercedes Peón... ...
23 pages found, 12 links found, 2351 score http://www.ArteFacts.ws
Boogieman Productions - Your Blues Booking Agent Connection!...
BoogieMan Productions is one of the newest and hottest blues booking agencies in Northern California. Owned and operated by Diane Hooker....
6 pages found, 1 links found, 1912 score http://www.boogiemanproductions.com
CAT Concerts...
Links siren-music.comdickdale.comradiotones.compinkfraud.co.ukplanetrecordsg2online.co.ukrockartistmanagementthunderstick.co.uk

15 pages found, 31 links found, 296 score http://www.catconcerts.s5.com
Dutchy Music International ...
Booking agency for the Netherlands and other European countries. Blues, Rock, Pop. We book for L.A. Jones, Kozmic Blue, Rick
Ellis, Vera Takes the Cake, Jimmy D. Lane, Mindi Abair, The Blues Com ...

pages found, links found, score http://www.geocities.com/dutchyagency
Florĝ Rockeklubb in Norway. Waterboys, Dubliners and many more played here...
We arrange gigs with good Norwegian and foreign bands, mostly at Haavebua in Florĝ. Every year we arrange The Emerald
Isle Festival. An irish norwegian musicfestival. ...

11 pages found, 31 links found, 315 score http://www.rockeklubben.no
High Tide Booking...
High Tide Booking - the blues....
13 pages found, 3 links found, 2243 score http://www.hightidebooking.com
Movinmusic agency - Blues and Blues related tours in Europe...
Movinmusic - the UK blues agency promoting quality blues and blues related music. Home to some of the best UK blues and
R&B acts including biogs, full streaming realaudio tracks, gig listings and ......

24 pages found, 2 links found, 2280 score http://www.movinmusic.co.uk

Music Contact...
Music Contact, New Grooves, Roots and World Music Booking and Production...
45 pages found, 0 links found, 1110 score http://www.musiccontact.com
MX Blues Productions...
  The Players   |   About MX Blues   |   Booking Info   |   Links     Member of The Blues Foundation Get the Latest Version
of Flash Player Get Free Real Player 7 Audio Player Site Designed and Devel...

5 pages found, 15 links found, 907 score http://www.mxblues.com
Never Before Noon, Inc...
Booking the Finest Artists in the Blues Today, including Johnny Yard Dog Jones, and Finis Tasby. We offer a full range of
services to meet your needs....

9 pages found, 2 links found, 784 score http://www.neverbeforenoon.com
Panzyler Entertainment Group, Inc. ...
Artist Management, Booking, and Publicity, specializing in singer-songwriters. ...
pages found, links found, score http://www.Panzyler.com
pete mcgregor music supply live music, bands, musicians, entertainers for e...
pete mcgregor music, auckland new zealand, offering bands, entertainment, live music for hire, comedians, session musicians,
over 50 entertainment options to choose from, wedding bands, jazz band, dou...

18 pages found, 46 links found, 3288 score http://www.bandsforhire.co.nz
Piedmont Talent.com -featuring and booking the best blues artists in the wo...
LEVON HELM & THE BARNBURNERS JOIN PIEDMONT TALENT  Piedmont Talent Signs Jemimah Puddleduck featuring
Mark Karan of Ratdog  Music Maker Relief Artists Join Piedmont Roster            Joe Louis Walker...

42 pages found, 21 links found, 624 score http://www.piedmonttalent.com
Real Good Music Booking...
  click on books to enter   Visitors ...
2 pages found, 1 links found, 3995 score http://www.rgmbooking.com
Skyline Online...
Booking agency representing about 30 nationally known acts...
34 pages found, 10 links found, 736 score http://skylineonline.com
SpecialEventMusic.com is a website developed by the Midwest's premiere provider of professional special event entertainment,
Live Entertainment, Inc. The purpose of the site is to assist the organize...

66 pages found, 1 links found, 378 score http://www.specialeventmusic.com
STONEYPORT AGENCY - INDEX PAGE at December 29 2001...
Hi. Come in. You've arrived at the index page on the official web-site of the Stoneyport Agency from Edinburgh, Scotland,
representing high-quality Scots and Irish folk music and some blues....

16 pages found, 208 links found, 1742 score http://www.stoneyport.demon.co.uk
The Blues Agency...
The Blues Agency, booking Johnnie Bassett, Chris Cain, Mose Allison, The Delgado Brothers, Arthur Adams, The Memphis
Horns, Calvin Owens Orchestra, Joe Houston....

3 pages found, 11 links found, 1768 score http://www.moseallison.com
The Blues Agency...
The Blues Agency, booking Johnnie Bassett, Chris Cain, Mose Allison, The Delgado Brothers, Arthur Adams, The Memphis
Horns, Calvin Owens Orchestra, Joe Houston....

3 pages found, 11 links found, 1768 score http://www.joehouston.com
The Rosebud Agency...
42 pages found, 22 links found, 2499 score http://www.rosebudus.com
The Val Denn Home Page...
Val Denn Agency books the Best of Texas Music...
13 pages found, 33 links found, 2466 score http://www.valdenn.com
Welcome to Concerted Efforts...
Welcome to . . . ...celebrating our 21st Anniversary in 2001 ! Concerted Efforts is proud to represent the finest in world music, zydeco,
blues, folk, ethnic, soul, rock, jazz, gospel, and singer son...

18 pages found, 5 links found, 342 score http://www.concertedefforts.com
Welcome to Fleming Tamulevich and Associates...
SITE FEATURES Home About FTA News Frequently Asked Questions Contact FT&A Artist Roster Request Info Submission Info
Music Resources   Since 1978, Fleming Tamulevich and Associates has been proud t...

12 pages found, 12 links found, 522 score http://www.flemtam.com
Welcome to Wally's World of Entertainment...
A short term, high impact, Artist development company, booking live college performances for Artists releasing new record product
on major labels....

8 pages found, 26 links found, 1670 score http://www.houseofwally.com
Wim Wigt Productions...
THE European Jazz and Concert Promoter....
13 pages found, 128 links found, 2428 score http://wimwigt.com




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