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Singing Lessons for Beginners | How to Sing

How to Sing: Singing Lessons for Beginners

Do you have the natural ability to open your mouth and sing and sound good? Or, maybe you sing along with the radio and your friends are amazed by how nice it is to hear you singing?  Maybe you are thinking of taking to the next level and audition for a band or, perhaps a part in a local theater production?

That’s great!  Maybe these free singing lessons videos are for you!  They take a straight forward approach to teaching the proper techniques for breathing, warming up, opening up the mouth and throat when singing and so much more.

Free singing lessons online. Beginners vocal lessons. Learn how to sing.
Cari Cole is a world renowned vocal coach who works with top names in entertainment. Take free singing lessons from her now! photo: Randi S Photography

Even beginners can learn how to sing with these video lessons featuring Cari Cole. She has worked with Grammy winners, American Idol finalists, and rock star legends.

Learn to sing like a professional from the founder of Cari Cole Voice & Music Co in New York City on 34th St.

She has a boutique Pro-Tools production studio where she works with aspiring, emerging and famous singers and bands, helping them find their voice, craft their music and create successful careers.

Background/ training/ education / singing lessons

Voice, Songwriting & Composition, Guitar, Piano and Flute. Studied classical guitar and flute from the age of 6. Studied voice in an apprenticeship with a renowned vocal coach from 19 yrs to 27. Studied voice, songwriting, composition and jazz guitar at the New York School for Commercial Music under Stan Persky, Director of Music at New York’s City College. Was a principal Vocal coach at the Katherine Agresta Vocal Studios for several years in the late 80’s and founded her own vocal studio in 1987.

Senator Whoever – Eric Schwartz | video

Here is a new video from our good buddy, Eric Schwartz, called “Senator Whoever”!  It is a topical commentary on our current political system here in the good old US of A.  Way to go, Eric!  Keep up the good work! Written and performed by Eric Schwartz

Check out his youtube playlist:  Political

We knew Eric when he played around the Village in New York City in the late 90’s and had a blast every time we hung out.  We played a few times opposite each other at The Back Fence, which has long since gone. 🙁  We always appreciated his songwriting and nice, easy stage presence that was more instinct than learned.  We sort of lost touch when he hit the road doing the coffee house circuit but I have kept up through facebook, email, youtube, etc.

It is always with bated breath that we wait for a new release from him.  He does not disappoint with “Senator Whoever”.  The video production quality is amazing and the music production is superb.  And, of course, can’t say enough good about the song.  Such good and timely content and context!  We are always looking forward to the next great release from Eric.  Thanks, Mr Schwartz, for the years of laughs and entertainment!

Eric Schwartz - Senator Whoever
Senator Whoever from Eric Schwartz – comedian, singer, songwriter. Check out his website,

A few quotes about Eric:

“His humor and talent ring loud and clear.”
  – Dr. Demento

“The Most gifted, irreverent, musically brilliant, beloved, warm presence here at Kerrville and everywhere else.”  
- Peter Yarrow

“Blending politically savvy comedy with music has always been a slippery slope. Eric Schwartz knows just how to meld funny and funky.”  
- Hustler Magazine, March, 2008

“‘Hattie and Mattie’ [as recorded by Holly Near] makes you want to tap dance and fall in love.”
 – Gloria Steinem

Senator Whoever by Eric Schwartz

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