Become a Local Star | 7 Tips for you

Local Star - Tips for conquering the local market with your sound!
Become a local star – Tips for conquering the local market with your sound! artwork: JShaw

Map out a solid strategy for becoming a ‘local star‘.  Start building a local fan-base and that’s the place to start.

7 Tips For Becoming A Local Star

1) You have to figure out early on what your niche [market/audience] is going to be.

2) One person seeing a poster or a Facebook ad or a YouTube video won’t get them out to your show. They have to be hit from multiple angles and from multiple people.

3) No social network or YouTube video can change the electrifying energy of a physical experience. Get out in the world and meet people!

4) Go to local concerts OFTEN and meet all the other bands.

5) Target your local promo efforts to specific groups that are unique to your band.

6) I recommend playing a big local show…once every 2-3 months as to not overwhelm your audience.

7) Make sure you get people to film these shows as you’ll want footage of you playing to a packed house. Share with local media so they know you have a real audience.

Become a local star

These tips ring true to me from my own experience of building a following for alternative arts events I organized with my friends in North Carolina in the 80’s. Once I got settled into any of the communities in which I lived, our shows always had solid attendance and often had full or close to full houses. It’s nice to know that people are still finding success with these tactics in the age of the web.

Herstand has more to say about each of these points over at The DIY Musician. And be sure to check out Ari’s Take in which he drops knowledge on a regular basis.

How to become a singer

Learn Play Piano – Free online lessons

Learn play piano – The best free online piano lesson website we have found is True Piano Lessons with David Graf. He has a deep commitment to teaching piano and bringing it within reach of the average person. You don’t need to read music. He shows you chord patterns. Which is one of the easiest ways to learn to play the piano.

Learn Play Piano

Learn play piano. Free online piano lesson.
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Check out this welcome video to his site and then go right on over there and start learning to play the piano. Oh, and… David teaches piano in the Denver-metro area. If you would like to become a student of his, -click here-!

Learning to play an instrument like the piano can be a long and arduous climb. Depending on how the subject is approached. Many kids who’s parent have forced them to take piano lessons have hated every moment of it and hardly retain any of the knowledge.

Learn play piano from free online piano lessons.
In our opinion this is the best way – learn play piano.

However, if you are searching for this material for yourself, you may be ready to find out how easy it can be to learn to play piano. Especially if you use the technique taught by David. Learning all of the chords is incredibly important and makes your life so much easier once you learn to string the chords together to play a song. Then you can slowly begin to play notes between the chords which will totally makes sense because you know all of the chords and what is coming and playing a small progression between the chords becomes second nature.

You may then find it is very easy to incorporate the melody within the chords structures. Learning to play many hit songs is very easy in this way. If you are ready, you are ready to learn play piano and express yourself in a way you never thought possible!